…is about tools

Tools are all around us. They are the computers in the labs, the contents of the recycled paper bins, and the busted screens in the print studio. They are discarded furniture, empty bottles, and crayon stubs. They exist in new, used, and broken forms, and can be adapted to fit new needs.

Tool hunt


Start to unearth new tools and rediscover old tools. Find novel uses for traditional materials. Bring physical objects to the What the if… happening space (outside of the Goldstein) and showcase them using the cases, racks, and display boards. Digital tools can be shared by sending an email with attachment or link to our collection site. Use this collection of tools as inspiration and an initial starting point for new designs.

Spontaneous critique

Post itsIn addition to the found tools, we can add some new methods to our toolkit. The What the if… post-its (seen above) are a new tool that allows for instant and spontaneous feedback. Use these to comment on the What the if… work that emerges, as well as consider the entire building as a designed solution (or problem). Consider environment and context as you leave your (removable) mark.



materials and devices