…is about process

Process is itself both a process and a result. It can be seen in the final product or in the artifacts that remain from the many stages it took to get there. Creative process can be extrapolated, modeled, and loosely defined, but it can not be easily manufactured nor should it be ignored. Process is critical to our practice, yet our appreciation for it is easily lost as we try to perfect our craft.

Process makes perfect

What the if… encourages you to embrace the process and showcase the innumerable 'in-process' roughs that are lost in your computer or tossed in the recycling bin; these seemingly awkward designs are a worthwhile part of the creative process. Share your digital roughs or discarded designs by attaching them to an email sent to our collection site. You can also bring physical examples of process to the What the if… happening space to serve as inspiration or the starting point for a new design.

Daily involvement, routine refinement

in process printWhat the if… is a collaborative effort and self-refining solution. It involves the communitiy by having them react to what's been done and what has yet to be discovered. Respond to the composition or form of posted work and create something new– either by rearranging the pre-existing design or starting from scratch. You may also use the What the if… post-its (found throughout the building) to provide suggestions or constructive comments.


results from discarded work