… is about palettes

Palettes are the surfaces and spaces we use for expression. They can be formal or impromptu, tightly defined or spontaneously created. We use palettes as a platform for presentation and discussion and rely on their framework to focus our creative efforts.

Happening space

Happening space imageUse the What the if… "happening space" (a revision of the informal gallery space on the second floor) as the central location for housing tools and materials and showcasing process. Throughout the installation, feel free to rearrange this space and maximize its flexibility as a display area– post, re-post, and rearrange until you are satisfied.

Mobile palettes

What the if… also considers the entirety of our work space as a palette, re-purposing designated display areas as communal areas for presentation and creating new structures for more spontaenous contribution. Give new meaning to our space by posting your work in the mobile display areas; use the What the if… post-its to make any surface a palette.



surfaces for expression